Born in a log cabin in the late 18th century, Hunter Breckenridge was raised wrestling bears, whittlin’, delivering folksy yet timeless speeches to adoring crowds, opening for the Stones, and guzzling inhuman amounts of gin.

When he’s not making up crap like the above paragraph, he is typing odd biographical information about himself in the third person, then I switch it up to the first person. See what I did there?

I try to write, frequently in a disorganized manner. I will gradually become more organized about where my words are placed, though the content is not likely to improve. Sorry to get your hopes up.

Subjects will frequently regress to politics, with the occasional yammering about science, technology, movies, music, and whatever my brain generates on a given day.

I can usually be found somewhere in the strange land of Missouri, drinking coffee, making lists, driving around, thinking really hard about things that are too complicated for me, and doing my damnedest to be funny. I usually don’t succeed at that one.

January 2018 edit – Missouri has been replaced (for now) with Oregon. New job, new opportunities. But everything else is still true. I’m still not funny… I just happen to be unfunny in the Pacific Northwest now.

I want to write fiction, and sometimes do, but I have yet to show it to many people, much less show what I’ve written to someone who can publish things. I’m a bit less shy with my non-fiction, to the detriment of all who try to read it.

This is my third attempt at a blog of this nature. If I’m ever able to be published elsewhere (especially online), I will likely plug it shamelessly on this august blog.

Heh. August blog. Those two words don’t belong together. Kind of like “nuanced libertarian.” I kid. Mostly. Sorry, libertarians, but teasing you is my specialty.

Anyhoo, I’m rambling now, so feel free to to clear out of this page now, and go entertain yourself with my posts – or, more wisely for you, something else entirely.



P.S.  This is me, communing with nature. Try to contain yourself, oh gentle reader. As in, try not to injure yourself laughing.

2 Responses to About

  1. SJBaker says:

    Love the lines, the pic is a little scary. Long haired you looks like Jesus. Short-haired you looks like he spent too much time fantasizing about Ned Beatty’s mouth.

  2. Amanda says:

    Oh, Ned Beatty. . . sigh. This is why you suggested I was going to get Deliverance’d in Mississippi. I fantasize about someone’s mouth, but not Ned’s. ahem, haha.

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