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Running against the Establishment?

I just had a quick thought today. A billionaire real-estate developer based out of the richest city on the planet is most definitely part of the “establishment.” One of Donald Trump’s primary claims this election is that he’s running to … Continue reading

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There’s no justice like angry mob justice

Some kids lose a game, and challenge their victorious opponents for a rematch. Some pout, take the ball, and go home. Some try to start a fight. And then there’s that big orange haired kid with the rich dad and … Continue reading

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Check your… societal dominance

From one straight white cis male to all the others… we need to have a little talk. Here’s the thing. This country was literally built for you. For me. For us. The United States and its predecessor colonies existed for … Continue reading

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Edging toward Godwin

This is a quick rant expounding on a thought I posted to Facebook yesterday. I’ve talked repeatedly about fear, and how Trump stokes people’s worries and concerns, and distracts from real problems. Unfortunately, it bears repeating. And repeating. And repeating… … Continue reading

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The Politics of Fear

Why are people voting for Trump? Fear. More than anything else, the reason is fear. I listened to NPR interview a couple who were planning on voting for Trump. They kept repeating certain points. They talked about how they didn’t … Continue reading

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White defensiveness

“Not all cops” and “blue lives matter” is just as stupid as “not all men” and “all lives matter.” It’s defensive deflection. It’s someone (usually of a privileged group), taking the fact that certain groups are disproportionately victimized, as a … Continue reading

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The True Meaning of Easter, or Jesus vs the Easter Bunny

On this day 1983 years ago, Jesus died in a climactic battle with the Easter Bunny. Jesus fought hard and well, and prevented many homes in the greater Jerusalem area from being egged. Not many know the true nature of … Continue reading

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