Reposts from the old blog

I’m currently going over my old “askewedperspective” blog from Blogger. I still plan to re-post a few “classics,” but it won’t be all of them. Some of them are lists and vacation photographs, which I will try to avoid on this new blog, at least for the time being. For those who care, the links to the original Blogger pages are on my first post from yesterday.

I will try to avoid editing them, partially for the sake of continuity, partially for honestly, and mostly out of laziness. These are an accurate representation of where my mind was in 2007-2010. I may tweak a few obvious spelling and grammar errors, should they pop out at me, but that will be about it. Facebook notes that fit the same sort of political themes will also be added here.

Hopefully soon I will start posting some of my incoherent ramblings.

About hbreck

Writer, debater, contrarian, storyteller, occasional troublemaker. I'm mostly just making things up as I go.
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