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Me too

Over this past weekend, a post by the actor Alyssa Milano turned into a viral call to arms for those who have been victims of sexual abuse. The phrase “me too” has been used to refer to (primarily) women who … Continue reading

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A Skewed Perspective

When we look at another person of approximately equal height, we often perceive them to be a bit taller than we are. We’re often looking at their height as peaking at the top of their head, and our eyes will be … Continue reading

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The Backlash

In this new era of President Trump, where there has been an enraged backlash against the new elements of the civil rights movement, concepts like Black Lives Matter find themselves under assault. Many white Americans who bristle at the notion … Continue reading

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Upcoming posts and new blog

Most of my future blog posts will likely be based on current events and whatever is going on in the world. I tend to react to events instead of anticipate them – then again, who beyond Nate Silver does any different? … Continue reading

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