What’s at Stake in the 2016 Presidential Race

I just have a quick one for today. I’m going to dwell much further on this topic in upcoming months, but for now I will just start with this brief note.

Three governmental bodies, the EPA, NOAA, and NASA, are tasked (among others) with researching and combating the effects of global warming. This is serious stuff. Global warming caused by man-made climate change could impact the lives of billions of human beings. In reality, it will impact all of us. And yet, the Senators in charge of appropriating funds to these organizations each deny the existence of climate change. If one looks at their campaign contributions, one will see hundreds of thousands of dollars paid by the fossil fuel industry. All of this is a matter of public record. Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and James Inhofe, are all bought and paid for by those who are among the most responsible for global warming. And they are the ones indirectly tasked with preventing this (very near) future calamity. Two of these guys want to be our next president.

In fact, a majority of the 17 current Republican presidential candidates claim that global warming either does not exist, or is not a serious problem. Almost every single one of those candidates has received money from the fossil fuel industry. The dots are not difficult to connect here. I know a lot of people want to tune this out. But we can’t any longer. Carbon emissions (and other pollutants) – pumped out by humans – are increasing the temperature of the planet. This creates a huge number of problems.

Rising sea levels, more frequent and more powerful tornadoes, hurricanes, and other storms, more floods, more droughts, massive extinctions of plant and animal life. To quote Ghostbusters, this would be a disaster of Biblical proportions.

You tell ’em, Dr. Venkman.

Levity aside, many of these disasters can no longer be reversed. Some of it can, but it will require massive effort, a great deal of sacrifice, open minds, and courage. People like Cruz and Rubio aren’t likely to develop that courage or character. So why do some people think they should lead the one nation on Earth best suited to leading the reversal of the effects of climate change?

As I mentioned above, I’ll talk more about this over the next few months. For now, I have to say the most important issue facing our world is basically the effects our lifestyles have on our world. Jimmy Carter was laughed at in the ’70s when he discussed this. Al Gore was as well, in the ’90s. Now, in 2015, the effects of increasing temperatures are making themselves demonstrably apparent. Are we still planning to laugh at Carter and Gore? Or at anyone else who is willing to acknowledge that we need to make some substantial changes?

For more information on the control Big Oil (and associates) have on our government, take a look at this post from a few months ago. And please consider who you want to see in charge of our environmental future.


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