Upcoming posts and new blog

Most of my future blog posts will likely be based on current events and whatever is going on in the world. I tend to react to events instead of anticipate them – then again, who beyond Nate Silver does any different? Having said that, I’m currently working on a series of posts that will be less reactionary.

For my next trick – commonly held myths about American politics! Hurray! *cue sound of crickets*

The basic gist is that my own liberal and anti-religious biases are frequently inflamed by what I deem to be morons in the media and public life. Many people tend to believe amazingly dumb things about the state of our world, and I wish to fan the flames of that anger…  err… I mean, attempt to influence the debate. In all seriousness, I have no delusions that I will change people’s minds. However, when I see egregious myths and misconceptions propagated in the media by otherwise well-meaning people, I want to counter them.

I’m going to write a series over the next few weeks (and likely months) dedicated to countering the worst (primarily right-wing) myths, lies, and errors regarding politics. Most of this has an American bias, as that is the country I am from and have the most working knowledge. My expertise outside of North America is sadly lacking, though I will occasionally leak what little knowledge I have out onto the page about topics like Ukraine, Taiwan, and India – to name but a few areas of international interest.

In the meantime, here are the primary topics I will be covering shortly. Firearms policy will likely be the first topic covered, as it is constantly a major talking point of both the American right, and the non-elected American left.

Commonly held political myths to be refuted:

*Individual possession of firearms is a long-standing American right.

*More guns equal less crime.

*The American budget deficit is a dire and pressing issue.

*Social Security is in danger of insolvency.

*Illegal immigrants pose a serious threat to American safety and/or prosperity.

*Socialism exists in any meaningful way in the American political system.

*America was founded as a Christian nation.

*The size of government is a pressing issue.

*We need to “fix problems on Earth before venturing into space.”


That last one is a little less ideologically-based than the others, but it nonetheless important to refute.

Many of these are pretty obvious to the politically-aware, but they persist widely enough that it doesn’t hurt to counter the spread of such foolishness. I will attempt to get into the history of these myths, and explain the facts, as straight-forwardly as possible. I am not immune to bias, of course, but I believe I can logically explain myself in such a way that contributes to the debate, rather than drags it further into the mud.

Oh, and beyond politics, I am going to restart my boxing blog soon! Hopefully in the next day or two I will have the URL up and my old Blogger posts loaded. New content will likely be less frequent than this blog, but there will be some boxing talk forthcoming.


Here’s the link to the new boxing blog:


All my reposts from Blogger and Facebook have been uploaded and the blog is ready to go.

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